Online Lessons

Not only am I a professional whistler, I am also an expert in teaching whistling.

Through extensive research on whistling techniques and teaching methodologies over more than a decade, I have developed ways to teach everything related to musical whistling, from virtuoso techniques to musicality to stage performance & recording excellency. Past student has won an award at the World Whistlers Convention.

  • From beginner to professional level
  • via Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.
  • Lessons: 50 USD per lesson (45 min.); 60 minutes for the first lesson
  • E-mail based recording touch up: 50 USD/recording (up to 5 minutes), up to 2 rounds of advice
  • Payment via PayPal or bank transfer (the bank account is in Japan, you can use cheap and fast bank transfer services such as Wise)

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  • 初心者からプロの方まで 
  • スカイプ・フェイスブック・LINE対応
  • レッスン:45分 5,000円 (初回のみ+15分無料で60分)
  • 録音添削:5分以内の録音につき1曲 5,000円 (メールでのアドバイス2回まで)、それ以上の場合は応相談
  • お支払いは銀行振込、PayPay、またはPayPalで承っております。レッスン終了後速やかにお支払いください。


  • Nivel principante a avanzado
  • Por Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.
  • 50 USD / clase (45 min.); 60 min. la primera vez
  • Comentario por E-mail: 50 USD/pista (hasta 5 minutos), 2 vueltas de consejo
  • Pagar via PayPal o Wise

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  • Niveau débutant ~ professionel
  • Par Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.
  • 50 USD / leçon (45 min.); 60 min. pour la premiere leçon
  • Commentaire par E-mail: 50 USD/piste (max. 5 min.), 2 emails
  • Payer via PayPal ou Wise

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