My whistling is used in a TV ad in Australia! オーストラリアのCMで口笛が使われました!

My whistling performance of Csárdás (Vittorio Monti) is used in a major national TV/web ad in Australia!

It’s an advertisement for a 2-year mobile subscription campaign by OPTUS, one of the top players in the Australian telecom market.  They say that when the coverage is not satisfactory, you can cancel the subscription for free – and see how that’s turned into a “prison break”!


Above is the long version (1 minute), and there are also 2 short versions:
上の動画はWeb用の長尺版。短いバージョンもぜひご覧ください。 (30 sec.) (15 sec.)

How did you like the ad? This recording is from 2010 at the International Whistlers Convention in China, when I was 18 (!). I did offer to do a new recording, but the ad company really liked this version so we went with it, and I love how it turned out to be!


If you ever want whistling in your ads, movies, tracks, jingles, anything- please contact me from the “CONTACT” page. I guarantee you a quality whistle recording!